/Best Electric Skateboard: This Is Comparison Of 29 You Can Buy Right Now

Best Electric Skateboard: This Is Comparison Of 29 You Can Buy Right Now

Times are changing. People are changing. Our ways of transport are changing. Many of us are looking at electric cars, but there is also one more revolution ongoing. Electric skateboards are taking more and more of the skating market every year. There is plenty of manufacturers that are releasing new beautiful and powerful skateboards. We can travel effortlessly on that devices, having a lot of fun in the mean time. There is however one very important question. Which one should I choose as my first electric skateboard? Which would be the best electric skateboard for my needs? All answers that you need are below in this particular article.

We have been testing, we have been digging into from one end of the Internet to the another, we have read hundreds of reviews, we have watched hours of videos and we have created the greatest comparison table with 29 of Best Electric Skateboard that you can buy right now. Of course it isn’t that easy to say which skateboard is the ultimate winner. So below we present you the complete list with all the specs that you could find out and our picks for a couple of categories. Most of them are best electric longboards in fact because we found out that longboards are in fact best for cruising. In the future there will be also reviews of regular skateboards, hoverboards and electric scooters so be patient or email us with you suggestions on what should we look into.

Electric skateboard comparison

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Best commuter electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - koowheel

Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Kooboard

The very first category and it was one of the toughest. We were thinking long who should be the winner and why. Should it be just a longboard with best range? Or is there anything else that will matter?

If range would be the only factor Evolve Carbon GT Street would smash it’s competitors in most of our categories. But in fact nowadays we don’t travel only to our 9-5 office jobs. We have meetings, we work from cafes and plenty of other places. So we need to travel a couple of times everyday. In that sense even Evolve would be dead because of its charging time. And yes this is our second factor.

Who is the winner?

So for the best electric skateboard in commuter category we have chosen Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Kooboard.

Both Evolve and Koowheel has the same max speed (26 MPH as stated in official specs). Koowheel has worse range, but it is winning with many of its competitors with swappable battery. The whole process is really fast so even if one of our battery is dead we can swap it in no time. Moreover battery from 0 to 100% is charged within 1,5 hour which is a really awesome time (one of the quickest on the market).

Koowheel has design of very classic longboard, its remote (working on Bluetooth Low Energy) fits really well in the hand and the ride experience is really smooth. On the market Koowheel is called a budget Boosted Board with similar riding experience.

So if you want a electric skateboard that will drive you from home to your office and still have some fun you should really think about Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Kooboard.


Best top speed electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - evolve
In terms of speed there are in fact only 2 skateboards that can compete. There is Enertion Raptor 2 which in the video footage and on paper is a real BEAST. 31 MPH is an incredible result. However Raptor 2 is quite new eboard and it is really hard to get it (right now there is a pre-order for second batch which should be shipped at the end of February). That’s why for now our pick for best electric skateboard with top speed is Evolve Carbon GT Street.

Evolve is a brand well known by eskaters. Their GT and GTX Series (review) are well recognized in the market and the truth is that with that prize you get great electric skateboard with finest parts and great performance. With 26 MPH max speed and 31 miles range you can get an hour of exceptional fun on the road. Add to the equation that this board can “climb” 20+% grade hills with no struggle so really no other skaters will be able to catch you when you are riding Evolve Carbon Gt Street.

Additional nice features

Taking all that above plus the new R2 remote with LCD screen, which fits in hand perfectly, Evolve Carbon gives us one of the best riding experience right now. We probably didn’t have that much fun on any other board. The ride is smooth, board is really responsive on remotes commands and acceleration on top configuration is really awesome. For sure it is not the prettiest skateboard but austere appearance gives you performance of a beast.


Best range electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - evolve
When looking only on the paper in this category Metroboard Slim Stealth Edition with its 40 miles range should win. However the truth is never on the paper but on the road. We’ve made our test, we’ve looked also into Youtube, Amazon and many other reviews because maybe we couldn’t ride it but it turned out that Metroboard would be able to go 40 miles but downhills. In reality Metroboard and again Evolve Carbon GT Street has similar ranges with Evolve being a bit better on hilly roads.

Because of the reliability our pick for best electric skateboard in range category is Evolve Carbon GT Street. 31 miles on paper, but in reality something around 20 – 25 miles in normal ride is really decent score. This is all thanks to high-grade custom moulded carbon fiber & Kevlar deck and Black Evolve GT 83mm wheels which make that board really lite (only 17 lbs) and give aggressive look.


Best design electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - evolve
Ok that was pretty simple choice. Most of the electric skateboards looks the same. Black deck with different colour wheels. Nothing special. And that is really interesting as traditional longboards are sometimes a piece of an art. So without any additional entry the trophy for best electric skateboard in design category goes to Evolve Bamboo GT Series Street. This 7-Ply Canadian Maple, 2-Ply bamboo Laminated deck with beautiful black ink drawings looks really, really awesome. This is a board to show with on the street and just hang around. For just this one boards let us just quote the original description:


The Evolve Skateboards original Pintail and Snubnose started the Bamboo legacy. Now they are reborn, with GT performance! 

Why is it so special?

We took the true longboard feel that made the bamboo models so popular, and combined it with 3000W of dual brushless motor power, the new GT remote featuring a digital LCD screen, and the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves. Your ride will feel even smoother with Evolve’s all new GT Series wheel – an 83mm hybrid of all that is good in our favourite skate wheels; grip, softness and durability.

Sporting a graphic true to the legacy of the original bamboo series, the Bamboo GT Street embraces the comfortable locked-in feel of the Gen2 deck and flexible battery case to create a soft, surfy ride that is perfect for cruising your favourite spots.

Taking you up to 35km in just one charge, you will run out of path before you run out of battery! The Bamboo GT Street is the hybrid of unparalleled performance and traditional longboard style, an effortless low profile package guaranteed to draw both attention, and envy.

Nothing to add in fact.


Best smoothest ride

best electric skateboard - boosted boards
Probably if you have been already looking at any electric skateboards you have heard about Boosted Board. This company has probably made the best marketing for EBoards ever. Their boards are really awesome. Boosted Board 2nd Gen Board Dual+ is winning category of smoothest ride without any competitors. Boosted is perfect for new guys who are not yet familiar of how to place your feet and balance over the board.

You will feel really safe on this board. It can accelerate and break gracefully. Riding it is nothing else than fun. We can see why Casey Neistat is so huge fun of this board. So if you are looking for a board just for cruising through your favorite spots that should be your board. It is neither fastest board, nor the one with best range but for sure it will charge in one time.

Only an hour from 0 to 100%. So take it for a cruise, stop in a café to recharge it and come back home. Fun, jealous looks guaranteed.


Best budget electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - koowheel
Koowheel D3M 2nd Generation Kooboard from all winning board today is the cheapest one for sure. In fact you would need to look long before finding other board that cheap with such performance. That’s why we have chosen Koowheel as best budget e-skateboard. For just $649 (at the time when this article was created) you are getting nice looking board. Would it make it the best electric skateboard of all?

Probably a good idea would be to buy replacement battery for another $149. That gives you a total of not more then $800 and something around 40km of pure fun on the streets.

Koowheel as company has started their business with hoverboards but saw a potential in electric longboards. 1st generation of Kooboard wasn’t that great. It had problems with connectivity between remote and motor, users has suggested that it doesn’t have enough power and the deck is pretty rigid. That all has been upgraded in 2nd Generation which has completely different user experience. If you are looking for your first board, you don’t want to spend too much money as for Boosted or Evolve you should really get this one. This one won’t ruin your budget and will give you great memories from your first cruises.


Runner-ups for best electric skateboard

best electric skateboard - inboard
We need to at least mention one more board. It’s Inboard M1 the board that is not perfect but was really close to the winners in most categories (not in budget but still). It has really nice, simple design, it can run pretty quickly (about 22 mph) and is just a hell lot of fun. More for that point it has a mobile app where you can track all your rides. It can charge quite quickly (about 90 minutes) and it is not a Chinese product so its customer service is outstanding.

M1s range is not that impressive (only 7 miles) but its Easy Swap system is the best of all times. If you need to change your battery just open the deck and click in a new battery in seconds. Inboard has a IP54 rating which is a splash resistant certificate so no rain or whatsoever might force you to stop riding. That’s the perfect choice for everyone who wants to ride no matter of the weather and a time of day (it has great lights mounted inside the deck). Go check it out.


Conclusions and overall best electric skateboard

So that’s all the trophies for the 2017 best electric skateboard. There are a lot of other longboards that you should take in consideration when choosing the perfect one for you (just scan through the comparison table). Year 2017 brought us plenty of new eboards and we see that the market is still growing. Every month there is a new crowd funding campaign with new boards that we will look into through the year.For now our choices and definitely Koowheel when you are looking for budget board, or Evolve when you have more money and would like to pay for a better customer service and a little bit better components. We really hope that after reading this article you have more knowledge about the electric skateboards and you will be able to find the perfect one for you.

Come back to our site from time to time to see the news from electric skateboards market and for fresh reviews of everything that has electric wheels in it. Join us on Facebook or Twitter to be notified about new articles or subscribe our RSS channel. Stay tuned.