/Best budget electric skateboard: 9 boards for you or your child

Best budget electric skateboard: 9 boards for you or your child

Electric skateboards, hoverboards and scooter are starting to become not so unique on our streets. Because traffic jams in our cities are still growning we are looking for ways to transport quicker, effortlessly and additionaly to look cooler. We understand the need to try some new cool stuff but not everyone would like to start that journey with spending $1500 for high-end skateboard. This is why we have prepared a list of really nice alternatives that would not ruin your wallet and will give you similar fun. In our list of 9 best budget electric skateboard you will find boards that would fit your needs if you are looking for some pleasure cruising, commuting or even the first board for your children. Take a look at our description and recommendation and enjoy your first ride.

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1. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1

best budget electric skateboard - swagtron-swagboard-ng1best budget electric skateboard - swagtronSwagtron is a well recognized manufacturer of affordable electric skateboards. They have 2 flagship models which are both in our list. SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1 is a standard skateboard (not a longboard). It’s deck is only 32 inch long but this should be just enough to place your feet comfortably. Thanks to 7-ply Maple Wood Deck riding will be a pleasure without being scared that you will be thrown off the board on small bumps. It’s range is not that impressive with only 10 miles on one battery charge. However it’s weight (9,5 lbs) and special carrying handles allows you to take it everywhere. It has a decent top speed of 11 mph which should be just enough for daily fun. It is also recommended as first electric skateboard for children because you can switch speed mode and cut top speed by half.

2. SWAGTRON Voyager

best budget electric skateboard - voyagerbest budget electric skateboard - voyagerVoyager as being a bigger brother of SwagBoard NG-1 is a standard longboard with 42 inch long deck made with 6 layers of Canadian maple wood with 2 layers of bamboo. Dual hub 350Watt motors allows you to ride up to 15 mph. Interestingly for Swagtron skateboards they have nice remote that displays current speed and battery life. And battery is something really nice in that board as it allows you to ride up to 15 miles which is quite impressive for a board that costs around $300.

3. Juiced Board

best budget electric skateboard - juiced boardDo you see some similarity of this board with Boosted Board (review)? Quite the same deck (made from Maple & Bamboo), similar range of 7 miles, and top speed of 20 mph. The only difference is longer charging time and hub motors instead of belt drives which won’t give you the same torque. This is one of most interesting alternative for more expensive boards. Interestingly their customer service is recognized as even better than Boosted (their response time is better). For $799 you can get a really nice longboard that is able to compete with the most recognized ones.

4. Pure Energy Electric Skateboard

best budget electric skateboard - pure energyPure Energy is recognized rather by their batteries which are broadly used on the market. However they decided to create one electric longboard. Manufacturer is boasting with it’s top speed of 21 mph thanks to 1200Watt belt motor. The deck is pretty standard (38 inch long, 9 layer Maple wood) but the range of the board is quite impressive as for budget electric skateboard with 20 miles in tech specs. As it looks pretty awesome there are customer reviews backing that specs up. The only thing that users complain about is power on hills. Many times you will be able to push the board to get up to the hill.

5. KooWheel D3X 2nd Generation

best budget electric skateboard - koowheelbest budget electric skateboard - koowheelThere was already a lot said about Koowheel (review). 2nd generation of their product is probably the best budget electric skateboard available on the market. It can easily compete with much more expensive skateboards like Evolve or Boosted Board. It has it’s minor issues like disconnectivity with remote or lack of battery protection. But it’s dual hub motors that can speed up to 25 mph and it’s 5500mAH battery thanks to which you can get a range of over 15 miles is definitely worth spending $650. Add to this Canadian Maple wood deck and great customer service and you have your dream electric longboard.

6. Benchwheel Dual

best budget electric skateboard - benchwheelAnother Boosted “killer”. Electric skateboard that is 37 inch long, weights 17 lbs with top speed of 19 mph and total range of 12,5 miles. Looks amazing. Additionaly we are getting double belt drive motors 1800 Watts and good balace of stiffness and flexiness of deck thanks to 3 layer bamboo and 2 layer Canadian Maple Wood. Unfortunately in tech specs we cannot find any more information beside charging time which is 3 hrs (not that impressive for 12,5 miles range). So we cannot tell anything about hill climbing or regenerative braking. But it seems that users are happy with that board especially when you decide to change bearings in wheels. Well there needs to be something not great with a board for a little above $600.


If you are looking for the first electric skateboard for your child ACTON should be your manufacturer. BLINK Lite model is specially designed for kids. They are advertising as World’s Lightest Battery-Powered Electric Skateboard. It might be true as it’s weight is just 7,7 lbs. So with 5 miles range, 10 mph top speed and being quite handy it will be perfect for kids, teens and students as first electric skateboard. It has single hub motor so it won’t be powerful enough to throw you easily off. Add to this integrated lights which will allow you to ride safely when it is dark and you will get great skateboard for your children.


Older, bigger, more powerful brother that is designed for college students and commuters. So as for college students riding through the campus we could agree (it has 7 miles range). It might be a little bit too little for commuters but of course it all depends. 15 mph top speed is enough for getting you from point A to point B and 15% incline rate should allow you to drive on most of the hills. Again single hub motor which might be not powerful enough for a bit heavier skaters. There is however one great thing about both Blink S and Lite. They charge up in just 1 hour.


9. Yuneec E-GO2

Another after Pure Energy very odd skateboard. Yuneec is well known manufacturer of drones. However for some reason they decided to build an budget electric skateboard. And guess what? They made pretty good job. 12,5 mph top speed with two riding modes, 18 miles range and 10% inline rate on single hub motor. It doesn’t look that impressive but suprisingly it’s customer reviews on amazon, youtube and other blogs are really nice. Most of the people are telling that this board is perfect for newbies who would like to have a nice start into e-skateboarding.

Conclusion of best budget electric skateboard

So this is it about list of best budget electric skateboard. The choice is much broader of course but we wanted to give you selection of e-boards that has stable position on the market. They are not high-end boards of course but most of them should be great as your first electric skateboard when you don’t want to spend $1500 for something that you don’t know if you will use often.