/Acton Blink S review: best college electric skateboard
acton blink s review

Acton Blink S review: best college electric skateboard














  • Good price
  • Very light
  • Built-in LED lights
  • Quick charge


  • Short - for bigger riders there might be not enough place
  • Not best performance
  • Single motor

Internet is full of reviews of top performance and really expensive electric skateboards. And for sure they might be the best if you have proper budget. But what if you are a college student and you would like to try electric skateboarding without spending $1500. Here is your answer. Please check out our ACTON Blink S review and decide if this board is for you. We believe that you will be in love with it and its price. Happy reading and shopping.


acton blink s review - sideviewFirst thing to say is that ACTON don’t lie on their papers. If they say that ACTON Blink S have range up to 7 miles you can take it for granted. The maximum rider weight is 220 lbs and with our average of 180-190 we were able to ride it from 6.20 to 6.70 miles per charge which is really nice. Top speed is 15 mph and again this is what we saw on our apps. So maybe these specs are not that outstanding regarding the competition of Evolve for example but you are getting exactly what you have paid for. When you run out of battery there’s no problem. Charging time is only 45-60 minutes. Show me another board that can charge that fast and still go 7 miles. Nice. We will go into that details in the minute. Let’s dive into ACTON Blink S review and start as usual with Motor.


acton blink s review - batteryACTON Blink S is powered by single hub motor with 600W of power. As always hub motor won’t give you that much torque as belt ones but it is really fine. You can get your top speed of 15 mph in a short time and you won’t be feeling unstable when you start moving. Three riding modes will give you a good feeling at the very beginning. It is perfect as your first electric skateboard. It will teach you how to balance on them and will for sure give you a lot of fun. Believe us 15 mph for commuting, having fun or moving through university campus is just enough.


This is probably one of the biggest issue with ACTON Blink S. 7 miles is not that much really. In bigger cities you will need a coffee break to recharge before you get from one city end to another. As said you can take 7 miles almost for granted so if that suits you than go for it. Additionaly I need to say again that charging time is astonishing. Maximum in 60 minutes you will charge it from 0 to 100% and you are ready to go. That’s really crazy and noone can come close to this result. It also doesn’t matter how much you weight. I’m not a lightweight rider and I was able to reach something around 6.5 miles on every charge.



acton blink s review - remoteRemote on ACTON Blink S might be considered as pro or cons this board. It is rather simple controller with not too many options. You have switch to switch it on and off, you have switch to go forward or backward and you have acceleration trigger. Simple as that. Design of this remote is also not really outstanding. It is connecting with skateboard by Bluetooth which is fine as it is a bit more reliable technology than wifi or radio. The only thing that is completely different from competition is that remote is powered by standard AA batteries. So from one side you don’t have to use charger but you always need to have a spare batteries in your backpack. If this is a good or bad thing you need to answer that by yourself. I liked that solution.


acton blink s review - deckOne of the biggest advantage of ACTON Blink S is its design. It is not a longboard and it is only 27,5 inch and thanks to this it is really light, only 10 lbs. It has a beautiful two coloured grip with bear silhoutte in the middle. Cool green wheels are nicely looking feature. Additionally it is worth mention that wheels are really big (83mm) so the board will easily ride on not that plain surface. The deck is quite stiff made out of Canadian Maple Wood, Aircraft Grade Aluminum which gives you confidence on top speed but you will feel inequalities a little bit more. Last thing worth to mention. It has built in led lights in front, in back and on both sides. But be careful you can switch front and back lights only with custom made mobile app from ACTON.

To be honest when we started our ACTON Blink S review we weren’t really convinced to this design. But more we rode, more we liked it.


Manufacturer tells us that ACTON Blink S should crush 15% grade hills. Probably it could do that but with rather lightweight riders and not with full speed. We saw that unfortunately with bigger hills it could climb and we had to push kick from time to time. But hey it is only one wheel hub motor. We shouldn’t expect miracles.

Conclusion of Acton Blink S review

Hopefully our ACTON Blink S review has shown you pros and cons of this board. We really think that it is worth its price (on the date of this article publish it is $349). It will be perfect as your first electric skateboard or in case when you want something for commute or riding through the uni campus.

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