/Best Electric Skateboard under 500 dollars

Best Electric Skateboard under 500 dollars

So you are thinking about buying your first electric skateboard but you are short on cash? That is no problem. We have prepared a list of best electric skateboard under 500 dollars specially for you. What we found is the best and most reliable manufacturers that doesn’t take all your money for your brand new toy for cruising in the neighbourhood.

We have looked into hundreds of skateboards that are available on the market right now and have chosen the most reliable, powerful and joyful skateboards under $500. Read our recommendations and go check the best prices already today.


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SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboardbest electric skateboard under 500 dollars - skatebolt

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - skatebolt

First of our picks fo the list of best electric skateboard under 500 dollars will be a new Breeze Skateboltbest electric skateboard under 500 dollars - skatebolt electric skateboard. For the prize almost reaching our limit (at the time of publishing this article it is $499.99) you will get quite powerfull skateboard.

High Performance is key feature of this skateboard. It it really fast reaching 19mph top speed and 15% grade hill climbing. This board has 2 speed modes low & high speed and you can easily switch forward/backward on the remote. Long range is another advantage. Average of 13.6 miles on one charge is pretty nice result. And you can rely on the battery which is Lithium LG 36V 5000mAh.

If you prefer a standard longboard look with just a little crazy touch this board is for you. With it’s blue wheels it looks amazing on the streets. 8 layers Canadian maple deck is able to carry 220 lbs rider.

Regenerative brakes are standard in almost all electric skateboards but built-in LED lights and battery capacity displayed on remote are nice addons.


Atom Longboards Atom Electric H.6best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - atom

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - atom

So we have another electric skateboard almost reaching limit of $500. For that price Atom Electric H.6 is giving you a little bit less according to performance than Skatebolt but it has its own good points.

Thanks to 600W single hub motor you can reach a top speed of 16mph which should be enough for most of the riders. Manufacturer also tells us that average range is 6-7miles. But this is something extraordinary. Company tells you that test were made on different terrain and hill climbs so normally on straight road for sure you will go further than this.

36 inch Canadian Maple deck can carry 220 lbs rider so this is no different than with Skatebolt. However with all these features this deck weights only 10 pounds so if you run out of battery it won’t be much trouble to use your leg power to return to home.

There is one additional feature really worth telling. Atom electric skateboard comes with USB charger so if you run out of battery you would be able to charge it a little bit in a coffee shop or restaurant. That’s really cool


MAXFIND Board Dual Motor Wheelsbest electric skateboard under 500 dollars - maxfind

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - maxfind

Does Maxfind looks somehow familiar to you? Of course. This is pretty nice Boosted Board alternative. By many considered as best electric skateboard under 500 dollars because of it’s design and performance. So for the price of $485.99 you will get a dual 500W brushless motor with premium Samsung lithium ION battery (36V).

You can reach max speed of 17mph and max range of 7 miles with a single charge. These all makes it really nice alternative also if you like the design of Boosted Board. It has similar performance but for less then half a price.

Canadian maple deck makes it a bit more stiff then Boosted but it will give you additional stability at higher speed.

Remote controller allows you to switch between back and forward riding and 2 riding modes which makes it safe and easy to ride even with zero experience.

And one thing that makes it even better than Boosted. It has motors inside the wheels so it will be quiter and allowing to push it by your feet.


ACTON BLINK S best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - acton

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - acton

ACTON is really recognizable company on the market. They are proud of having world’s lightest electric skateboard (listed below). They are advertising as company which produces skateboards for commuters, students and kids. For this purpose these are really great.

ACTON Blink S can reach 15mph top speed and can ride for 7 miles. Single hub-motor makes it enough powerfull to climb 15% grade hills which is enough for most of the hills in most of the cities. One thing about Blink S (and all of the ACTON family in fact) is really quick charging time. It can go from 0 to 100 in just 1 hour. It might be a great deal and this feature can make it the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars.

Additionaly it is really lightweight (only 10 pounds) and has integrated LED lights to make your evening rides even safier.


ACTON BLINK Litebest electric skateboard under 500 dollars - acton blink

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - acton blink

As said previously this is world’s lightest electric skateboard. This makes it really great for your kids. It is not that powerful as it’s bigger brothers. You can ride on it with top speed of 10 mph and up to 5 miles on a single charge. Besides that and maximum capacity of 130 lbs makes it no difference from any other ACTON board. It looks really modern so your kids will surely love it. It has single hub-motor so it will be safe and smooth on riding.


Swagtron SwagBoard Voyagerbest electric skateboard under 500 dollars - swagtron voyager

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - swagtron voyager

The Voyager is one of the most powerful electric boards on the market today! Featuring dual 350 watt wheels that can blast you to a full 15 MPH through your neighborhood, the electric skateboard can cruise for up to 15 miles on one charge and handle weight up to 330lbs.

Grab the wireless remote and go as you use it to Accelerate, decelerate and enable cruise control as you Thunder down the pier or skate park. The digital display on the remote shows you the battery life and current speed. The 42-inch longboard is made with 6 layers of Canadian Maple wood sandwiched between two layers of Bamboo, making the motor board strong and flexible, and able to handle sidewalks, roads, and even skate parks as well. The deck is covered from nose to tail in grip tape to keep your feet in place and features a carrying handle so you can take the Voyager wherever your adventures might lead you.

The oversized polyurethane wheels help the Voyager longboard easily go over bumps and cracks and connect to the deck with fully adjustable trucks that you can calibrate for perfect turns and stability. The li-fee battery is protected with our patented Sentry Shield battery enclosure, ensuring both your safety and the safety of your board.

Can SWAGTRON skateboards compete with others for a title of the best electric skateboard under 500 dollars? Check out the prices and other reviews by clicking on below button.


SWAGTRON SwagBoard NG-1best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - swagtron ng1

best electric skateboard under 500 dollars - swagtron ng1
The SwagBoard boosted electric skateboard takes skateboarding to the next level! Whether you’re shredding skate parks or cruising the town, SwagBoard is ready to roll.

The SwagBoard charges in just 3 hours, and travels up to 10 miles with a max speed of 11 MPH. The motorized skateboard uses a UL2272 certified 24V Li-On Fe battery with patented SentryShield technology for extra security to provide multilayered battery protection that exceeds all current battery safety requirements, you can ride knowing that the SwagBoard has got your back!

Sync up the SWAGTRON motor skateboard with its wireless remote to accelerate, decelerate, or engage the cruise control feature allowing the rider to maintain speed without touching the motor board throttle! Going fast has never been this effortless! The remote’s screen shows your current speed and battery level so you can stop and check how much power you have left anytime. If that’s not enough, the remote is even rechargeable so you’ll never have to worry about replacing the batteries.

This durable and generously sized 9 x 32 x 4.5” electric board is covered in grip tape and features a gorgeous solid yet flexible 7-ply Canadian maple wood deck that provides you with a stable foundation and durable polyurethane wheels for an incredibly smooth ride that can’t be beat. And when you reach your destination, the board’s under 10 lbs and features dual, built-in grips so it’s easy to carry around. This powered skateboard comes with a 1 year warranty that covers any manufacturer defects so you can skate easy knowing that you’re protected. Propel yourself into the future with SwagBoard, the next generation of powered skateboards!



Best electric skateboard under 500 dollars

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