/Boosted Board Review: Why should you consider buying it

Boosted Board Review: Why should you consider buying it

Boosted Board 2nd gen. Dual+













  • Capable of climbing steep inclines with no trouble
  • Great design
  • One of the best customer service
  • Flexible


  • Expensive
  • Even with extended battery the range is pretty low
  • Extra charge for long-range battery

Which electric skateboard is the one that you heard at first of? The one that has the best marketing of all time? Which is “promoted” by youtubers? Of course for every question there is just one answer. Boosted Board! First well recognized by non-skaters electric longboard. Board that arouse extreme emotions. The one that you cannot walk by without any feelings. That’s why this is one of the toughest reviews we have ever made. But this is it. The most honest Boosted Board review (2nd gen. Dual+ mostly to be more specific).


At first let’s take a look at the tech specs. There isn’t anything special on papers. Standard 38 inch long deck, 15 lbs of weight that places this board in the middle of heavyweight category boards. But there is something really extraordinary about that board and this is the deck material itself. Fiberglass Reinforced Bamboo which is really a Loaded Vanguard deck gives you really unique flexibility that probably wasn’t yet repeated by any manufacturer. But we will get to this later. Maximum speed of 22 mph gives a user probably more than enough for every usage. And Achilles’ heel of that board which is range. Only 7 miles (or 12 with extended battery) is the only thing that might discourage you to buy it. Let’s dive into more details with our Boosted Board review.

boosted board review


On the tech specs they are looking great. Rear-Mounted Gearless 2000 Watts motors should give you great riding experience. And the specs in that point don’t lie. It’s really good that you have a couple of profiles on the remote to choose from. Acceleration on that board is something that can throw you off the board easily. But it is also something impressive about it. boosted-motorFor newbies we would recommend lower profiles with 10 or 16 mph top speed. When you would feel more comfortable you can change to Pro settings and take fun of full 22 mph speed but still with very smooth but firm acceleration from 0 to 22. Boosted Board 2nd gen Dual+ is considered to be one of the smoothest rides on the market and we can tell that it is 100% true.


First of all let’s say just one thing. Boosted Board is not the best commuter board when you live in a big city and you work on the other side of that town. When that is set we can take a bit different angle for the problem of range. That is true that Boosted can give you only 7 miles of fun with standard battery. But it will be 7 miles for sure. We have tested it with a couple of different riders, with different styles and on various locations. Everytime we got from 7 to 8 miles on our endomondo.

It is really good that manufacturer is at least honest with us. Of course competition like Evolve is crushing it but let’s face the truth: range is not something because of what Boosted is loved by so many people. At least it charges really quickly. If you buy a quick charger you get get from nothing to full juice in one hour.


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boosted-remoteWe have been reading and watching many reviews of this electric skateboard. We have a feeling that definitely not enough was said about Boosted controller. It is simple and all parts are well mated. There are only 2 buttons and one wheel so you won’t get confused how it works. It connects with a board with Low Energy Bluetooth so it just works fine. So normally you would say that there isn’t anything special about it. BUT the one thing already mentioned is really great. THE WHEEL. This wheel with safety button will give you one of the best user experience with electric board. Wheel is really responsive and allows you to naturally adjust acceleration. Probably thanks to the controller Boosted Board is considered as having the most smooth ride throughout all electric skateboards.

Just a little addition to its feature is that when you brake to 0 and you would turn the wheel backwards one more time you would find that it has a rear gear. That’s awesome!!!


boosted-commuterAt the beginning we have told that Boosted is created on Loaded Vanguard deck. If you are not in the longboard industry that probably doesn’t give you any idea what that means. And right now the all we need to say is that it is one of the most flex decks out there available. If you would like to have a feeling like on snowboard or a surfboard this is probably the one you should consider getting. Crusing on this board is the experience so unique that it cannot be compared to any other. You can get high speed and still feel comfortable and steady. The best fun however is when you deaccelerate a little bit and start to carve on nice wide pavements.boosted-deck

Manufacturer took a longer thoughts about placing all the elements and both battery and motors are located in the places that when you need a good flex you won’t damage anything that is lying under the deck so don’t worry.

And the last thing which are the Orangatang wheels. The hallmark for boosted. That is something that make a board complete as a product. Good job Boosted Boards.


There is nothing much to say about hills with in this Boosted Board review. You will crush every hill up to 20% degree. And what is really nice is that you won’t loose much of the power while doing so. EXTRA!!!boosted-hill-climb

Conclusion of the Boosted board review

So is Boosted board worth buying? It depends. If you are looking for great commuting board (when you are traveling long distances), probably not. If you are looking for a board for offroad – definitely not. But if you would like unique look and best joy from the ride you should really consider Boosted Board 2nd Generation Dual+

You won’t find any other board that is produced for one thing: FUN. And it is doing it’s job pretty well.

We hope you liked out Boosted board review. Follow us on social media and come here often to discover next articles. Stay tuned.

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