/Boosted Boards New Family – The king is back

Boosted Boards New Family – The king is back

Boosted Boards company is probably one of the most recognizable electric skateboard company in the world. They started the whole hype on electric longboards and for a long time they were doing pretty amazing job with their board. However for a long time they didn’t show anything that might stood up in the crowd. Their 2nd generation board was for sure better then previous one but it had it’s problems. Companies like Evolve, Koowheel or Backfire are trying to do more, to do better and they really succeeded.
But from today it all changes. Boosted Boards presented not one but the whole family of new boards for 3rd generation. We really believe that this might be a game changer. The king is back in the game!

New family

So Boosted after 2 years has recently presented a completly new generation of their skateboards. At last they extended choices and added some variety between models. Right now we can choose from 4 different electric skateboards:

  1. Stealth – longboard that will be most powerfull from the whole family
  2. Plus – descendant of the 2nd generation however completly redesigned
  3. Mini X – standard board for easier travelling
  4. Mini S – the cheapest standard board from the family. Great for a first electric skateboard

The choice looks really nice. We will have something that we already know like Boosted Plus which will be similar to 2nd gen boards, Boosted Stealth for maximum performance and a bit noir look and 2 standard decks for great fun and easier travelling. Let’s look what manufacturer tells us about them:

boosted boards-v3-comparison
source: https://boostedboards.com

We have a whole spectrum from affordable one to really powerful. Right now everyone can choose which one will be the best electric skateboard from Boosted for them. Older generations had similar top speed which is fine as 22-24mph is something that is quick enough for getting fast from point A to B but slow enough to feel comfortable on the board.

The most valuable thing is that battery extention pack is now a standard. Having 14 miles of the range should be just enough for nice afternoon cruises but also for commuting.

Boosted Stealth

There are 3 things that needs to be said about this board:

Hyper mode

Boosted Boards is presenting new mode for their most powerful board. Hyper mode will allow its riders to speed up to 24mph.

85mm wheels

85mm is a little improvment. Let’s face the truth. Bigger is better. So the new Stratus wheels should have better grip, flex and rebound. The company is assuring that it will make your rides even smoother (also in top speed).

redesigned deck

Everyone loved previous Loaded Vanguard deck which had perfect flexibility and durability. However Boosted Boards guys thought that it is not enough and they presented their custom board. Probably we wouldn’t describe it better then they did:

boosted boards-Plus-Deck-composite-1
source: https://boostedboards.com

Boosted Plus

This board is something for true boosted lovers. Similar look as for 1st and 2nd generation. Almost the same performance but better range. Everything that a true fan needs from the next generation.

Plus board will have all the features that Stealth has except Hyper mode. Its top speed is 22mph which is just fine.

Boosted Mini X and S

Last but not least 2 standard deck skateboards. The S version will be something more on the budget. With the prize of $825 it still gives you 7miles of range, 18mph top speed and every other features that comes with bigger brothers.

The X version will be S on steroids with 20mph top speed and 14miles of range.

For easier travelling the deck sizes are more compact and boards are a little bit lighter.


Do you know which one to choose?

So do you already know which one you should buy as your next or first board. We know that the king is back and proabably their move of extending their offer was great.

We hope that really soon we will be able to review them for you.

Maybe 2nd gen. Boosted boards

One more thing that we need to add. Along with new generation there is right now special prize for 2nd generation board.

visit here: for special prize for boosted 2nd generation dual+


Or here: for special prize for boosted 2nd generation dual+ (extended range)


If you want to compare new gen with the old one check out also our review on Boosted board 2nd generation dual+ here