/Evolve Bamboo GTX Review: 7 Genuine Reasons why it is really awesome

Evolve Bamboo GTX Review: 7 Genuine Reasons why it is really awesome














  • Really fast
  • Beautiful design
  • Great range
  • Silent compared to belt drives


  • Expensive
  • Heavy
  • Same battery as previous skateboards with same problems
  • Same motors as previous skateboards with same problems

Evolve skateboards are well known by eskaters. Their boards have great reviews in the Internet. However there is one outstanding model. This is our Evolve Bamboo GTX review which is most comprehensive of all and will give you 7 genuine reasons to buy it no matter of costs.


Look at the specification of that board and you already know that you are dealing with something unique. Let’s start with a deck. It’s length is pretty standard (38 inch), but material is something interesting. 7-ply canadian maple + 2-ply bamboo is making this board really elastic. Riding on the not so smooth pavement or road won’t cause you any troubles. You will ride through small bumps and rocks with ease and you won’t feel unsecure. This is also thanks to 97mm black evolve street wheels or super carve 306 mm all terrain ones. But we will get back to wheels.

Deck and it’s beautiful laser cutting grip-tape. This is a real masterpiece and just by looking at the deck you know that you deal with professionals. This is not another e-board made in the garage. Evolve takes seriously look of their boards and they are doing pretty amazing job. Honeycomb cut with logo cut out in the midddle and golden finished motors makes that board unique and remarkable on the streets.

As we mention motor already. That beast is extraordinary. 3000 Watt, high performance custom made sensored dual brush out-runner motors are something that stands out from the crowd. Thanks to that super power motors that board can speed up to 26 MPH (41 KMH) which is probably more than enough for most of you out there.

Additionaly Abec 9 Evolve Speedballs Precision Bearings are making that board run pretty smoothly. Custom designed 36 volt 10 AH Lithium Ion battery will give you fun for around 30 miles (almost 50 km) if your weight is around 180 lbs (80km). The only not so great thing about the specs is the weight of the board. 19,5 lbs (around 8,5 kg) is quite a lot. You would feel that if you need to carry your board somewhere. However this is not a common scenario because you can easily drag that board behind you.


Evolve Bamboo GTX review motors

As already said motors for the Evolve Bamboo GTX are something that stands out from the crowd. 3000 watts of powers gives you top speed of 26 miles per hour what is one of the best result on the market (with mainstream electric boards). These are dual belt brushless motors that are considered by most of the usersEvolve Bamboo GTX review motors as one of the most silent motors right now available. This is really good point as noisy motors are something that can take out a lot of fun from the ride. That really sucks when you end up your ride and you are going back with a headache because of the noise. That’s not a problem here. They run silent and really smoothly so comfort of the ride is abnormous.

There’s an open discussion about gold plated finish of them. For one it’s an extra feature that is adding a lot to the design whereas others say it looks cheap and shoddily. We really like it but if you don’t there is an option with standard black finish of the motors. So don’t be stressed.

Evolve Bamboo GTX review motors




This is one of the biggest achievements of the Evolve guys.

Evolve Bamboo GTX review battery

They already had a board with 31 miles range but it was Carbon board (much lighter and less powerfull). Now with bigger battery then ever they were able to bring that range to Bamboo board. And boy it is making a difference. Having such flexible and comforable to ride deck with such capacious battery is taking electric skateboarding to the next level.


Evolve Bamboo GTX review remote

Remote from Evolve is already an item of myths and discussions. First version was quite handy, easy to use and additionaly it had LCD screen with current speed, range, battery level and mode set. It was working just fine. BUT… Evolve decided to create a R2 controller which should be even better. We were a bit scared about it when we were preparing this Evolve Bamboo GTX review. Greater battery in it, more handy (looking a bit like a gun), and with buttons set so nothing might be click unintentionally. The theory was perfect and many users were really thrilled about that hitting the market. It turned out unfortunately that remote has some connectivity problems. Right now Evolve team is doing best to patch that problem but it still exist. We really keep our fingers crossed because it is looking promising.Evolve Bamboo GTX review remote


Evolve Bamboo GTX review grip

Here we could talk for hours. Noone can make a great Evolve Bamboo GTX review without mentioning it. We already had many discussions about design of that board. For our team this is the most beautiful board right now on the market. We love absolutely everything about it. Honeycomb cut on the grip-tape. Cut out logo so the bamboo deck is visible. Gold plated motors. Great length of the board. Nice 12 inch trucks. It’s just the whole package. We know that we are not very objective in that point but let’s face the truth, it’s our review 😉 Just look at it.

Evolve Bamboo GTX review


Nowadays it’s not that much of the extraordinary feature but looking at cyclist that we pass on the hills is just extra enjoyable. From our Evolve Bamboo GTX review it turned out that it is able to climb 25% degree hills so you are probably good to go wherever you live.

All terrain

Last but not least important feature. Evolve Bamboo GTX is available in 2 different versions. It’s either Street or AT. You can however buy 2 in 1 version where you will get both street and All Terrain wheels. It’s nice addition for not such much cash. So it’s worth thinking. Swapping wheels is probably not something that everyone could do without any problems but thankfully Evolve has provided us quite nice video tutorial of how to do it.

Conclusion of Evolve Bamboo GTX Review

So summarizing our Evolve Bamboo GTX Review we can say a couple of things about that board. It is not an ideal board, but it’s pretty close to it.

We promised you 7 reasons to buy it so this is it:

  • Great motor with nice perfomance
  • Really large battery and decent range
  • Beautiful design
  • Great performance on hills
  • Promising remote (if they will fix all the problems)
  • 2 in 1 version for fans of both street and AT rides
  • Unique board from company with great customer service (they are offering 50$ gift card if something is wrong with your package)

We really hope that we conviced you that this is a board that is worth buying (even if it is not the cheapest one).

Stay tuned for our other reviews and news.

If you are willing to buy Evolve Bamboo GTX check out Amazon prices:


Source for all images is: https://www.evolveskateboards.com