/Inboard M1 Review: Premium skateboard not for everyone

Inboard M1 Review: Premium skateboard not for everyone














  • Swappable battery
  • Great torque
  • Built in LED lights
  • Great max speed


  • Only one board from manufacturer
  • Heavy
  • Expensive

In the time when we have more and more electric skateboards there is really hard to tell which one is the best. Manufacturers are trying to reach to new people with different needs. We have Boosted Board (review) for ones who prefers casual cruises through the city. There are Trampa Boards with top speed scary as hell and suitable for mountain off road. Or maybe Onewheel that is hard to categorized but for sure riding it you will be noticed on the streets. We weren’t able to choose the ultimate best electric skateboard in our previous article but there was one board which we considered as runner up in almost every category. Now it is the time to reveal the whole truth about it. Inboard M1 review will tell you why this board is really fantastic but also what it is missing. We will tell who should buy it and for whom it is not the best option.


Inboard M1 review - riderThere are a couple of very interesting points in Inboard1 specification but let’s start with some standard ones. 37 inch long makes it a bit shorter then competition but it is all for some purpose. 14,5 lbs gives us middleweight board which will benefit later. 7 miles of range is just the same as Boosted Board 2nd gen Dual+, but wait for it. 22 mph top speed which is just enough for most of the users. What makes the difference is the material used to create the deck. Lightweight wood-core composite which is the most stiff deck available right now.

But why? Why Inboard made stiff board when Boosted or Evolve are trying to get as flexible as possible? Because stiffness gives you ultimate stability with top speed. There is no other skateboard with which you can take a massive curve on top speed and don’t feel scared to death. It’s a lot of fun believe us. Let’s dive into Inboard M1 review to see how many cool feature does it have.


Inboard M1 is powered by hub motors placed inside back wheels. Maximum of 1600 watts gives you possibility to ride as fast as 22 mph but there is one downside of this solution. Hub motors unfortunately won’t give you the same torque as belt motors. You will always start more gracefully and the board needs time to hit its top speed. However there are also some good points of that kind of engine. First of all the sound. Did you watch good old Jetsons? Do you remember the sound of their space shuttle? You will get similar one with Inboard. Riding M1 gives you a feeling of something futuristic, high-end and high-tech.Inboard M1 review - motor

Hub motors placed in-wheels gives you also one more advantage. If you would run out of battery you can simply push it as standard longboard. That is of course not something desired but at least in emergency you don’t need to carry it around but you can still get back home on board.


Speaking about battery. 7 miles is definitely not impressive. That’s the range you will in fact get but let’s be honest many of other boards can ride for much, much longer distances. But again there are some pros about battery solutions in Inboard.

First and most importantly battery is swappable and it is crazy easy. You just need to open battery door, take the used one and insert new one. It’s easy, fast (no more than couple of seconds) and you are ready to go. So in fact the range of that board is limit to how many batteries are you willing to carry with you. And it charges quickly. You need only 90 minutes to fully charge one battery with its charger.

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Air travel

Inboard M1 review -batteryThere is one more thing that we need to mention. Small battery has one more huuuge advantage. It’s size is approved for Air Travel by US and international law. So this is one of very few boards that you can travel with. At last you are not limited to only your home town. You can take your Inboard wherever you want.


Did we already say that Inboard M1 is really futuristic and high-end? Yeah the same goes with controlling that board. Maybe it won’t give you any crazy fency features but it looks like one of the guns from Halo video game and it has one very nice feature. Inboard M1 review thanks to the controller was one of our favourite. Switching off the remote switches off the board itself. That’s somehow unique and nice for your battery. Everything else is pretty standard. Low-energy Bluetooth, quite nice responsivness, possibility to change riding modes.

Inboard M1 review -remoteHowever there is again one more thing unique for Inboard. If you have an iPhone there is an app called Inboard Vision though which you are able to control your board also. It’s probably not that comfortable to control it in that way but we can thing about at least a few situations where it would be nice. And it gives you again a feeling of high-end product where manufacturer thought about everything.


Inboard M1 is not taking its market by beautiful design. It’s simple with red wheels. Very elegant. It just looks like solid skateboard that you can rely on and this is probably what had in mind designers when creating it. It has however a few minor additions that makes it a complete product. First of all flash lights in front and back. They are built in the deck and will guide you if the sun goes down. Simple but functional. And it is splash resistant so no rain will ruin your plans.


Hills are the Achilles’ heel of the Inboard. Only 15% degree can be reached with this board. So if you live in the mountains that probably is not a board for you. And unfortunately even with that kind of hills it doesn’t perform very well. So be careful.

Conclusion of Inboard M1 review

As said in the title and what came from our Inboard M1 review that electric skateboard is not for everyone. If you like slow cruises from one side of the road to another you should probably look at Boosted Board. But if you would like really stable on top speeds board that has a really professional look and is a really high end product the Inboard M1 would be the best suit for you. We believe that this company has bright future as they are really detail oriented and you can feel it with every inch of this board.

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