/Koowheel D3M Review: Best Boosted Alternative?

Koowheel D3M Review: Best Boosted Alternative?

Koowheel D3M













  • Cheap
  • Good range
  • High top speed
  • Solved many reported issues compared to previous version


  • Still visible some connection issues
  • Manufacturer from China which may cause some troubles with returns

Most of the websites are focusing on Evolve, Boosted, Trampa or Inboard skateboards. This is pretty obvious because these are the most mainstream boards on the market and everyone would like to have a review of them. Koowheel D3M review has been created to fulfill the gap of informations about budget skateboards. We will take a look on Chinese board that is considered as budget alternative for Boosted Board. Can it compete with such a giant? Let’s find this out.


Koowheel D3M review

As for an electric skateboard for about $650 Koowheel looks really impressive. It is pretty short as for longboard standards measuring only 36 inches and it is quite heavy for that size: 17 lbs. However it is not something that would impact on comfort of the ride. You will be able to place you feet as you would like without any problems. What deserves our attention is top speed of 26 mph and a total range of 15 miles. This is twice the range that you can achieve with Boosted Board and it is even faster. This is what is said on the paper. The reality is not that perfect. Even if you are fit and slim you probably won’t be able to get that range but out of our test it came out that you can expect something around 12 miles (still much better then Boosted).


First thing to say about motors is that when you read about them they look weak. 2 in-wheels brushless hub motor 350Watts each is probably one of least impressive motor out there in the market. Starting out test and Koowheel review we were really scared about this factor. But boy you will be surprised. Their torque is much better than in Inboard and they can easily throw you out of the board at the beginning. So watch out! Of course acceleration is not as good as with belt motors but still it’s really good. Koowheel D3M review koowheel-motorIn-wheels have also advantage that if you are run out of battery you will be able to push it but we do not recommend it. Due to it’s weight it won’t be

that easy.


Range of this board is probably one of the most questionable thing. Specification tells that it can go 15 miles. We were not be able to go longer than 12 miles and it was pretty flat. So in normal terrain you can probably expect around 10 to 12 miles. This is quite decent result but we expected something more. However there is one good side. Battery in the Koowheel is swappable and the process is quite quick. You just need to turn it around, unscrew the battery, remove it and put new fully charged. Not more than 2 minutes of work. So again as with Inboard there is just a case of how many batteries you are willing to carry with you.

There is unfortunately one bad thing about that solution. Battery is placed underneath the deck and it is not well protected. So you are not advised to be riding at rainy or just wet days.

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Remote for Koowheel is unfortunately one of the downside of this board. It is pretty handy, it looks nice but… There are some reports that connection (Bluetooth Low-Energy) is not that stable and sometimes it disconnects from the board for a couple of seconds. Believe us that this is the last thing you would like to encounter when going top speed or needs to brake quickly. Besides that it’s pretty standard and there is a way to go backwards (quite unique for hub motors). On the controller you have a switch to change between going forward or backward. To be honest it is not that intuitive like on Boosted.

Koowheel D3M review koowheel-remoteAbout connectivity problems there is ongoing discussion on the Internet. The good thing is that manufacturer is really trying to listen to their customers (D3M is 2nd generation of their boards and the reason they made it is to fix most of the problems) so we believe that also this problem will be fixed shortly.


Koowheel D3M is looking very similar to Boosted Board (review). It has similar line of deck, trucks are placed in the same place. This isn’t anything unique about it but it is pretty elegant with black grip-tape and black painted bottom of deck. The deck itself is 7-ply Canadian Maple Wood which gives it proper flexibility for cruising. We really like that simplicity.


On tech specs we can see that you should be able to ride on 25% degree hills. That is proooobably not true. 20% is max you can reach and even with that you will loose a lot of power. We believe that this is the only thing where you will see the lack of power in that motors. 2x350Watts are not able to bring you to the top of the toughest hills so be careful.

Conclusion of Koowheel D3M review

Ok so there’s a time for short summary. Is Koowheel 2gen skateboard an Boosted alternative? Sure it is. Is it better then Boosted (review)? We doubt it. Should you buy Koowheel? It depends.

Koowheel review pointed out that there are some minor issues about this board. It lacks of power, it has connectivity problems, it isn’t as great as in tech specs. But this is probably a great option for someone who would like to try electric skateboarding and is not willing to spend over $1000. Riding that board is a lot of fun similar to Boosted or Evolve.

So if you have limited budget, you live in pretty flat city and you would like to taste a bit of fun from Electric Skateboard we recommend GO FOR KOOWHEEL. Oh and their customer support is awesome.

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