/What famous vloger Casey Neistat think of Boosted Board?

What famous vloger Casey Neistat think of Boosted Board?

Very often we can see that some kind of famous person, celebrity etc. is promoting some kind of device. Unfortunately in most cases these people are taking huuuge amount of money for promoting that things. There is however one guy who is taking marketing of the electric skateboard to the next level. Casey Neistat – famous vloger is truly in love with his Boosted Boards and he is reminding about that very often. Let’s see why does he think that this is the best electric skateboard in the market.

Boosted board 1st generation

Casey has been vlogging about his Boosted Board for over 2 years already. He had 1st generation of these board. Already there he was fascinated about this board. He made a couple of videos why it is better then bike or any other mean of transportation in New York City. Just look at these video.

There are a couple of other videos about 1st generation that you can find on Casey’s YouTube channel but for us it is not that relevant.

Boosted board 2nd generation

It turned out that guys from Boosted Boards company has seen all that videos. They decided to sent one of the first ever Boosted Board to him for free. And this is where the real marketing comes in:

Casey was so pleased for that gift that he made another couple of videos about Boosted Board where he admitted that it is the best electric skateboard ever for him. He was so pleased about it that he bought another one:

To be honest we don’t know why he wanted another one. Does he carry two through the city or what? That’s interesting. Or maybe just because he can 🙂

The truth is anyway that he is riding for every meeting on his board. There are some cases where he run out of battery but it is not very common as we saw.

He also started to compare Boosted Board with other electric longboards like Juiced board (look at our short desctiption here)

Guess which one won in that battle? 😉

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Casey loves that board so much that when he was near Mountain View (Boosted Headquaters) he made a visit to the company and they showed him the factory and gave him another board to test with them.


Why we wrote all these and wanted to show you that videos? We are curious why Casey is so in love with that board. One may think that there are many better electric skateboards than Boosted. There are many faster, with better range etc. But Casey has decided to go with Boosted Board and it looks that he is still fascinated about it. For him it is the best electric skateboard ever so maybe it might be for you too?

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